Full Stack Tech is an international conference born in Latin America. In order to show the potential of new technologies in the different stages of the development process, Full Stack Tech brings together the best professionals in different technologies and disciplines to share best practices, discuss emerging ideas, collaborate and socialize in a responsible and professional manner in the best locations around Latin America.

This year will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It will have the presence of speakers from different parts of the world, referring in their areas of dominion. Full Stack Tech aims to reach as many professionals as possible, so it is an open and accessible conference for those who want to learn and reinforce their knowledge.



Introducción y Cierre


TecnópolisAvenida General Paz (Casi Constituyentes)Ver en Google Maps

Illustration: www.tecnopolis.gob.ar


08:00 a 09:00Registración y desayuno
09:00 a 09:05Hernán Di ChelloIntroducción
09:05 a 09:35Ignacio Ricci "Anyone Can Do Product: Mis aprendizajes convirtiéndome en Product Manager"
09:40 a 10:10Mariano Faraco "Procesando datos en la era Cloud"
10:10 a 10:40 Break
10:40 a 11:10Pablo Carriqueo "Building your own UI components library"
11:15 a 11:45Lalo Steinmann Titulo a confirmar
11:50 a 12:20Marcelo García Barrese "Optimización de APIs: métodos para mejorar la performance y escalabilidad de APIs mediante el uso de CDN"
12:25 a 12:55Federico Trevisan y Marcos Sanchez "Atomic Design: Del dicho al hecho"
13:00 a 14:20 Almuerzo
14:20 a 14:50Robert Fuente / Alberto Ortiz "Performance and Troubleshooting"
14:55 a 15:25Alvaro Videla "Metaphors We Compute By"
15:30 a 16:00Alfredo Ortega "Logic-monsters: Ataques de supply-chain a nivel del silicio"
16:05 a 16:35Joyce Park "The business model layer of your stack"
16:35 a 17:05 Break
17:05 a 17:35Sameer Al-Sakran "Maintaining high UX standards in an open source project"
17:40 a 18:10Luis Madrigal "Millions of Connected devices"
18:15 a 18:45Neha Narula "Blockchains and cryptocurrencies: New paradigms for shared data"
18:50 a 19:25Hernán Di Chello y Daniel RabinovichCierre del evento
19:30 a 21:00 After

Agenda Workshops

9:00 a 10:20Ezequiel Maraschio "Basic Development Pipeline end2end"
10:50 a 12:50Gabriel Eisbruch y Sebastian Scheppens "Docker from Zero to Hero"
14:30 a 16:30Mariano Labariñas "Building RESTful APIs with Golang"
17:00 a 19:00Hugo Bellomusto y Mariano Cifre "Visualizando métricas con Elastic + Kibana"



We invite you to join multiple talks and workshops in Tecnópolis, one of the most important venues in Argentina. The ticket includes a gourmet breakfast, lunch, an open bar after party and free parking space.

  • Normal — $600.00 ARS

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Código de conducta

Todos los asistentes al evento deberían cumplir nuestro código de conducta.






You can contact us at hi@ar-fullstack.tech